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All praise to Jesus Christ, the Bishop of our souls who has granted us the grace to minister truth and life through writing and music. It’s been on and on…

Good music walks on two legs. The first and more subdued is the lyrical content. This is the wording that communicates the message or meaning of the song. Whatever a song has to say is in the lyrics. The other is the rhythm which is how the sound elements combine to produce melody and harmony which in turn results in the lingering ‘wow!’ feeling that comes after exposure to good music.

Buchi’s music inspires positive action and a change in the essence of our beings making us better people. Imagine how much less of wars, violence, tears and pain we would have in the world if only we had more inspiring, soul-lifting, life-changing music.

In the heart of every man, there is a place for God. If people knew God, they would love Him and live for Him. It is our responsibility and mission to reveal God and to minister His presence to our audience through music…and in this, we are willing to count our profit in souls.



Official Announcement: Release of the book; ‘Ceasefire’ by Buchi

Bigtoonz is pleased to officially announce the release of Ceasefire, book written by the award winning singer and university lecturer for many years, Gospel reggae icon and Sunday morning radio show host: BUCHI….


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Just arrived – “His Name is Holy”

We are most grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for the privilege of serving this heaven-baked song to the body of Christ; listen and leave your comments…Rispeck Total!!!